The HOT ROD BUILD PAGE: 1932 and 1934
 The HOT ROD CAM This is the shop camera.
 The 1932 HOT ROD BUILD  
This is one of two collections in progress.

  This will probably be my last build. I am getting old and the muscles don't heal overnight like they did 10-15 years ago. I know when to pass the torch, but Gary's time is vested elsewhere and motivation comes slowly when you work 50-60 hours each week.
The '32 is one of a pair here...the '34 is just about as clean parts wise, but the chassis is exceptional. It has a new front cross-member but the rest looks like it did 60 years ago. The damn thing is 80 years old.

Click the links above...there is a lot to read about and perhaps, if you are lucky, you will see "the old fart" in the shop "tinkering" up the place!!

If you would like to purchase the ' can contact us and make an offer. I will be happy to send you pictures and details regarding these parts.